Victoria Gentlebird Wilde

Flower Clairvoyance

and Rock Readings

Flower Clairvoyance and Rock Readings

Victoria has a unique gift to see and feel through the aura and vibration of flowers and stones. She uses her abilities to bring forth personal spiritual messages from the spirit world, offering lifepath guidance and comfort to ease emotional and mental stress or grief.  

Clairvoyance means the ability to see clearly. It includes the ability to see spiritual phenomena, such as auras, symbols, chakras, mental pictures of people, places and things including visions of past, present, and future.  I use my clairvoyant gift whether I am providing a spiritual reading or doing energy healing for a client.  I work closely with my Spirit Guide and Animal Totems.  This spiritual ability has been an invaluable gift for me in my own personal life of spiritual healing and life teachings.  It is inspiring to know that the gift continues to help many along their life path. 

 When you attend a personal reading you should bring a flower of your choice with you.

You can pick a wild flower from either a field or garden.

You can also buy an assortment at a store and choose one that you are particularly drawn too.

If you have a personal spirit stone bring this with you to your reading.

When you have decided on the flower or stone to bring be sure to hold it on and off the day before and throughout the day of your reading.  Make sure no one else touches your flower or stone to be sure of a clear personal reading.

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I look forward to meeting you and offering you guidance and support into a natural healing experience. All treatment sessions are held with high regard for individual privacy and discreet confidentiality.

                                Victoria  Gentlebird Wilde

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