* Acupressure / Reflexology

* Reiki  

* Crystal Therapy

* Ear Candling

* Ion Foot Detox


Practicing the Metaphysical Arts since 1999 when I began working with Wendy at The Rock Shop in Kleinburg where she taught me so much about the Crystal Kingdom.  With this foundation I began taking Reiki and Reflexology Courses graduating in 2004 with Certification in both as well as Acupressure / Acupuncture   and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


The birth of OM Wellness and 20+ years of energy medicine has been preparation for this crucial time in civilization. I am able to help you through Awareness, Healing and Resources that have aided not only myself but many for so long. 


I offer a range of treatments and also educate  with the proper tools and remedies to aid any lifestyle.