Rapid Transformational Therapy

  • 2 hours
  • 275 Canadian dollars
  • King Street East

Service Description

Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT Are you ready to transform your life? ASSISTANCE FOR THE TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS Beliefs formed during childhood either enhance or limit our lives. Please understand that as an adult we can choose to change any belief at any time. Rapid Transformational Therapy is a phenomenally effective intervention to assist with the process. We are all created as perfect souls. Once conceived, we begin energetically absorbing the beliefs of people around us. All the experiences and related emotions and beliefs are stored in the subconscious until the individual accesses the memory, releases the emotions and changes the meaning/belief. Rapid Transformational Therapy enables the client to access very early memories and attain maximum change whilst under hypnosis. Hypnosis engages the alpha brain wave state which is also referred to as deep relaxation. Rapid Transformational Therapists work closely with the client to investigate what happened, interrupt the self-limiting belief, eradicate it and install new self-affirming beliefs by reprograming and rewiring the mind over the next 21 days. With RTT, when the change happens at the subconscious/soul level we are freed from our past and energy can be spent on enjoying life not trying to make it enjoyable. Our actions become effortless and we become energised. We can train our minds to respond logically and … be present and aware. This enables us to see, feel and hear more, to maximise our safety and enjoyment of life. ASSISTANCE FOR THE TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS With your RTT session your limiting self-belief is realised, the healing has begun. You are understanding that the child you were is not who you are now. The person you are now has phenomenal coping strategies to deal with anything life brings. You understand that you always have been and always will be totally loveable and you are on the journey to change your life. 2 hours $275

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