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Calm the mind, balance the body, and refresh the spirit.

Feel the immedidate benefits of Reflexology and Traditional Healing Practices.


Reflexology, is recognized as one of the most effective, non invasive, holistic practices not requiring the use of drug medicine.  Simply put, by applying focused pressure through massage, to reflex areas of the feet, Foot Reflexology stimulates the body's energy to help clear blockages, whereby allowing the body to return to and maintain, homeostasis.  



Reflexology helped me get passed years of abdominal and digestive tract challenges.  I was so impressed with the benefits to my health, I made a decision to make it my career.  I am grateful for the help and support received over the years and for being blessed with the best teacher of Traditional Native Healing, Victoria Wilde.  



Practicing Foot Reflexology is my way of giving back - extending warm tender care and skills helping ensure you replenish and re-energize your natural flow.  I work to help you take on the world one confident and healthy step at a time - putting your best feet forward!  I invite you to come for Foot Reflexology. 

You can find me at The Rock Shop Of Kleinburg, right here in Bolton. 


Call Wendy @ 905-893-1022 For Appointments 




Make The Rock Shop the next stop on your journey to health and well being.




Mara Rossi


Mara Rossi

Certified Reflexologist

Available by Appointment 

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