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Kristina Holle
Life Coach
Spiritual Advisor
and Tarot Reader


Hi, I'm Kristina Holle.

I believe that everybody has a story, and you just need to take the time to listen. You never know what you may learn when you take the time to listen.  We are all born with our own unique heart-centered gift/purpose/talent and when we unlock/ discover and explore that gift our story unfolds with ease and grace and wonderful opportunities arise, and our story unfolds.  As I have come to discover my authentic self, I have come to realize that I have been gifted to share messages to help others to do the same. Once you can trust and love who you are, amazing things will unfold in your life.

I work with the divine to help identify your story! I use cards to channel your personal message or guidance. We explore what you may be holding on to that inhibits you from tapping into limitless potential. Where are you stuck? What self-limiting beliefs may you be carrying that no longer serve you? This session is customized to your personal needs and will identify where you need immediate attention. I will help you get into alignment with your Higher Self. It will give you some takeaways on what focused area you need to address.


A little bit of my story is that I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful children who keep me inspired and motivated every day. I love to write up at the cottage by the water in the early mornings. I am genuinely inspired by sunrises and quiet time in nature.  I am a business strategist that specializes in emotional intelligence.  (Using intuition and helping others tap into using theirs too.)  I am also the Author of “The Authentic You –Unleash your leadership potential, “a book that teaches leaders to lead from within themselves.


I have facilitated sessions over the years that supported personal growth from the inside out!  


Be prepared for a fun, beautiful, and uplifting experience



I look forward to meeting you and offering you guidance and support. All sessions are held with high regard for individual privacy and discreet confidentiality.


I am always sending much love, light, and joy!






 One-hour sessions $150.00

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