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Karen Heywood


International Healer

~ Negativity Clearing

~ Energy Reader & Healer




Negativity Clearing

Quickly release negativity (thoughts, emotions, emotionally charged memories, ancestral memories and negative experiences) from all your bodies, cellular structure and DNA. 




Did you know that the things that bother you

can be cleared really easily and quickly?  

  • Negative thoughts - Such as that mean inner voice that criticizes you or those compulsive thoughts that keep you awake at night.


  • Negative emotions - Any emotion can be cleared including… grief, guilt, irrational fears (of being criticized, persecuted, killed, etc.), anxiety, anger, regret, worry, emptiness, old trauma, or upsets, etc.


  • Limiting Beliefs - Beliefs such as… I’m not good enough, I’m not deserving, I’m not smart enough, I’m disorganized, I’m too sensitive, I don’t fit in, I’m weird, I can't get ahead, nothing every works out, etc. 

  • I don’t know what’s blocking me/bothering me - Good news! You don’t have to know where an uncomfortable emotion originates from to clear it! ☺


  • If onlys (regrets) - If only I’d had had a better childhood, I’d be happier and more confident now. If only “this” hadn’t happened, I’d be different.  If only “that” had happened I’d be further ahead. 


  • Addictive Patterns – Release the energies underlying patterns such as drinking, smoking, shopping, or any other addictions. 


  • Phobias - fear of spiders, snakes, claustrophobia, etc.


Once a negative issue is completely cleared you’ll be able to recall the experience but it’ll no longer bother you. You’ll feel neutral about it. And you’ll feel so much more comfortable in your skin, calmer and have more energy.


To set up an appointment  call Wendy @ 905 893-1022



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