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Judy Onorato brings a spiritual, intuitive and practical perspective to the table. You will experience the wisdom of decades of experience in business, life path and personal alignment, along with a compassionate heart and a fresh pair of eyes that's focused on your best possible outcome.  Judy has been consulting, researching and teaching Numerology, Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics since 1999.





Whether you are in a place of total uncertainty, totally clear, or anywhere in between, this is the place to start. Numerology is a fast, amazingly accurate way to get your bearings and a clear sense of direction and timing. Insight, foresight and confirmation comes from your birth date. We can look at you alone or you in relationship with others.

If you’re feeling discombobulated, out of balance, overwhelmed or uncertain, a session will help you come back to centre. Fresh perspective clears doubt, worry or uncertainty and opens doors to new options. 


If you're clear and you know what’s on your plate, decisions to make, your vision, goals and direction, this session offers ideas, alignment and best timing for specific action and approach.

No matter how smart we are, we all need clarity and wise fresh perspective at times. If now's your time, book your session or refer this page to a friend.

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