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 Emily Camarda

Tarot Card
Tea Leaf 


“ Whether you seek guidance and direction in life or a glimpse into the future, Emily’s 6+ years of experience working with the divine can give you the answers. 

Ever since she was a child, Emily knew she had a special connection with spirit and a strong intuition. Upon being gifted her first tarot deck by her mother, she found her calling in helping others connect with the universe by being a conduit of communication between her clients and their spirit guides. Divination can be a great tool for receiving direct support from beyond, and Emily is passionate about using these tools to help you find guidance and answers.

Emily offers both tarot and tea leaf readings tailored to your questions and needs. 

For tarot readings, please come with some questions prepared to ask spirit. Emily may pull several cards from a variety of tarot decks to best answer your questions and will talk you through what the universe needs you to know at that time. 

For tea leaf readings (also known as tasseomancy or tasseography), each session will begin with a brief discussion about your current concerns and questions as Emily brews and drinks a cup of loose-leaf tea. Following this, she will decipher the messages hidden in the shapes and images that the leaves make on the bottom of the cup. These images hold answers to your questions and concerns, and can provide you with a glimpse into your near or distant future. 

Both session types can be recorded so you can relax and enjoy your experience knowing you can revisit the fine details at a later time. 

Emily is eager to meet with you by appointment on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. ”

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