Jessica Lee










 Jessica Lee is a Energy Alchemist, Birth Coach and Breathwork Coach.

Her signature Sacred Roots Coaching exceeds traditional boundaries to elicit deep personal shifts liberating you out of the old and into the new light of your authentic self realized .

Jessica’s mastery to be grounded and hold space allows people to dive deep within and allow spirit to soar.

Jessica is trained in several  modalities for over 2 decades and leverages her interdisciplinary educational knowledge in meditation, Aura Soma, Homeopathy, Shamanism and Reiki to complement her offerings. 

Through Breathwork Coaching Jessica is dedicated to finding your inner breathing space to connect you with your true spiritual warrior within and awaken your inner healer to facilitate non dimensional healing.   


Breathwork Meditation


Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience creates a deeper connection with self through movement, intention setting, breathwork, guided meditation, and visualization which allows you to release stagnant energy, heal trauma, and increase vitality. Breathwork is deeply focused conscious awareness of inhales and exhales at different cadences to bring about a heightened awareness within your body, mind and soul.  Truly a powerful shift in self awareness. 


Breathwork Coaching


Dive deeper into the mechanics of breath and explore how proper breathing can improve your day to day performance.  The altered state created through conscious breathing  allows the unconscious mind to be reprogrammed thus releasing self limiting beliefs, as well as release and heal trauma.